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  • Cotton


    Due to natural origin of filling and structure of cotton fibers products with cotton filling don't electrify, don't accumulate dust and create comfortable thermal balance at any time of the year. This products have long life time, excellent wash characteristics and during using cotton fibers don't roll out.  

  • Sheep's wool

    Sheep's wool

    Products with wool filling have low thermal conductivity, so wool goods are remarkable for high thermal insulation properties. High hygroscopicity allows to regulate body temperature. Wool products help create microcomfortable climate in your bedroom. This products are characterized by hign wear resistance, elasticity and little creasing.

  • Bamboo fiber

    Bamboo fiber

    In our offer there are products of bamboo fiber, which due to their characteristics will be the best choice for a comfortable sleep and rest. Since the cultivation of bamboo does not use chemicals, technology of bamboo fiber production is 100% eco friendly. Bamboo fiber is very soft and light and at the same time strong fiber, perfectly absorbs excess of moisture, is characterized by high air permeability as well as has a possitive effect on human skin and muscles. The most important characteristics of bamboo fiber are its hypoallergenic, natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

  • Artificial swan down

    Artificial swan down

    Products with artificial swan down are very soft and comfortable for sleeping. The thickness of this fiber is 10 times smaller than usual polyester fiber, which give the product its lightness and the person has the feeling of sleeping on clouds. This products can be washed. This filling is made exclusively from high quality primery processing fibers. It's hypoallergenic, hygroscopic, it has excellent thermal properties, doesn't absorb odors, it takes on any forms, but it quickly restores to its original shape.

  • Polyester fibre balls

    Polyester fibre balls

    Products with polyester fibre balls perfectly keep their shapes and easily restore it after deformation, this products are elastic, flexible, light and hypoallergenic. Air canals assure excellent air circulation, which ensures absolute comfort at the time of sleeping.

  • Polyester fiber

    Polyester fiber

    Products of polyester fiber are characterized by thickness uniformity, a hign coefficient of recoverability and stability of shape, hign thermal protection, good water absorbency, softness and lightness. This products are ideal for allergy sufferers. Its are also easy to wash and dry quickly.